Creating Creative Content

we’re so scared of things that we can’t

quantify and we can’t replicate and I

think unfortunately too many companies

and people and teams are have bought

into this template mentality I want to

see what other companies do but you’re

not that company your customers are

different your path is different your

story’s different and so the best way to

think about creativity is how can we

challenge our own assumptions how can we

flip the expectations that we have our

customers have upside down to delight

and surprise because I think attention

flatlines after a while and people want

more and the way to do that is to go to

places where your competitors aren’t

that’s where the good stuff is the scary

stuff if it scares you you’re doing it

right so creativity to me demands that

we actually let ideas breathe and so

that means that we have to like flip

convention upside down and we have to do

the things that we’re told but we don’t

do that here

and that’s exactly why we need to go and

do those things I think one of the

biggest misconceptions is that content

marketers are responsible for all the

stories and marketing has to come up

with all the stories no it doesn’t the

best stories don’t live in the c-suite

and they don’t live with marketing I

know shocking right they live with

customers and live with partners they

live with you know who says you can’t

put a story out there a start a story

  Fail Your Way to Content Marketing Success

and let your customers finish the story

and create that with you and I think

sometimes brand guidelines that we need

them can be a crutch so you got to make

teams feel like they can take risks and

that means that teams and team managers

and culture have to have a I have your

back attitude and I think companies have

to start not just with you know

exercises and and thinking differently

and that’s important they have to start

with culture and taking this yes and

let’s experiment attitude and make it

safe for people to take risks

reward the learning if all we do is

reward the outcomes we’re gonna get

people going for the easy safe check

boxes but if you rewarded teams for

taking risks or imagine if you rewarded

teams for how many ideas they generated

not how many viable ideas but how many

ideas where you rewarded them for

breaking silos and working with other

departments to create new stories you

would see more of that behavior if you

reinforced it become a learning

organization and an organization

committed to curiosity we have to let go

we have to trust teams and this is where

trust comes in why it’s so important

have a culture that has your back



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