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i mentioned last week we took a little summer break but we are back in full force as we gear up for our big event i don’t know if you’ve heard of it content marketing world it’s september 28 through october 1st this year so from now until the event we will be chatting with some of our super awesome cm world speakers for all of these live streams they’re going to share their expertise with a little sneak peek at their cmworld presentations if you don’t know what content marketing world is it’s brought to you by the content marketing institute cmi is the leading training and education organization for all things content marketing you can check us out at and content marketing world is where we bring all of our awesome um speakers to um share all of their awesome content marketing uh knowledge with all of you so let’s see here as always you guys know how i love it when you um give me a virtual wave say hello let me know where you are joining us from just drop me a line we love to hear it so today’s topic uh i’m not i’m gonna i’m not gonna lie it’s not my forte but has this happened to you before you have a great idea for a piece of content amazing content you’re super excited passionate you work really hard on it you hit publish and boom falls flat no one sees it finds it discovers it super frustrating right so that’s why i think we all know that seo is critical to any content strategy

so today we’re going to talk to an expert about how to bridge that gap from a great idea to seo so you can create all those viable keywords that actually drive traffic traffic to your website and that super awesome content that you are creating all right so excited about today’s guest i have um just met him literally a couple minutes ago um he is chris craft the co-founder of neolux marketing a seattle and atlanta based content marketing agency all right welcome chris hello hello good to see you all thank you so much for joining us and okay i was reading your bio chris so it said that you went to college do i have this right for general science and electrical engineering how in the heck did you mention in marketing it’s one of those two side of the brain things right um i i was always interested in the arts even as a little kid but somehow someway i found my way uh within a stem and uh made it all the way through to getting an electrical engineering degree but knew i didn’t want to be an engineer um all the way along different spaces sometimes not marketing so i’m just fascinated by that all right we have people joining us andy hello andy robinson saying hello jill from minneapolis gail from barbados wow wow marwa from tunisia valerie from philadelphia maria from hamburg amani from atlanta hello everyone hey atlanta we’re all joining us pierre hello pierre he’s joining us from indiana all right we have people from all over just to hear this awesome knowledge you’re about to drop on us chris no pressure right no none whatsoever no pressure free here all right first question here why has it become more important than ever for content markers marketers to be strategic with their use of seo techniques well there are two things um one uh very few things in this world are free now i’m not saying that uh creating content is free sure that that takes uh time but in terms of the the channels for uh getting your content out there so people can engage with it you can’t beat uh organic uh search result traffic um so it’s important for you to think seo before you start writing because you want people uh who you don’t even know to to find your content on your website or blog the second thing is um time is money uh you know like i said so it’s better for you to think optimization for your content before you start writing instead of writing the content without it being optimized on the front end and having to go and double back and spend more time and resources to optimize something that’s already out there um the name of the game is uh is once you get your content out there that starts the clock uh with google and the other search engines so um the longer that you have the your content out there seasoned if it’s optimized already it’s gonna do a whole lot better for you than if it’s sitting out there uh seasoning without it being uh optimized for for keywords and themes uh or or or things within clusters as well um so it’s better to do all that work on the front end as opposed to uh going back on the back end to try to to fix it up all right if you’re just joining us we’re talking with chris craft from neolux marketing we’re talking seo

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which i think is a very popular topic these days uh here’s another one when working so you have your seo strategy when working with external content creators say content agency freelance writers what can you do to kind of make sure everyone’s on the same page as as far as keyword usage goes yeah so with there being a lot of topics and ideas uh that we want uh to get out there you’re right there’s there’s a lot of times it’s too much for an internal team to to get done i mean there are two pieces of content that i like to share with external content creators one is just a general uh content style guide uh for your your website and for your organization so certain things like is the oxford comma uh in good taste for your for your content uh do you have a certain amount of sentences that you want uh for each paragraph whether it’s for your long-form content or shorter form content how would you like the content organized in terms of headlines and subheads so having that laid out in a nice uh sometimes publicly published uh content style guide will be helpful for your external content creators the second thing and this is a little bit more granular for the specific article that you want written help them out by providing them a specific creative brief for uh that content so that’s sharing things like your focus keyword your secondary keywords your ideal uh content word count for the for the piece of content uh the voice of your brand um and also your target audience so supplying the the external content creator with those two things will be very helpful and it will spend a lot of uh it will have you spend a lot less time in the revision process that’s good for everybody external and on your own team right so everybody’s on the same page all right so i’d say i’ve created this oh you’re talking about seo first approach to creative ideation so your content is organically optimized to perform before you even start writing so how does this like you talk about this reverse engineering process work well it’s less about reverse engineering and more about uh getting organized and prepared beforehand um so the the main thing is uh when early on in the process say you have a new content initiative you want to do typically it starts with some brainstorming among uh your your content or your college team right and that’s a very low pressure uh you’re just sitting at the table hashing out ideas and that’s healthy because you can start to build a general cloud of content ideas whether those are specific topics or themes and i’ll go into this more in depth in in my talk so this is a little preview um but the the process goes a little bit like this you start with your general brainstorm then you get a little bit more specific uh by doing a content matrix process where you take some of those themes and potential topics and you organize it according to your target your target audiences and then from there um you take those uh themes or or or topics and turn them into what we call head terms and those are just general phrases uh that that you can potentially search for uh within a search engine but they’re very very high level right so we’re talking about you know say we’re talking about content marketing the the phrase content marketing would be a head term it’s very general um it’s more specific than the than the keyword marketing but it’s still very general and what you’ll do you’ll take those head terms and you’ll plug it into your favorite a keyword research tool um internally at our agency we use both simrush and hrefs and you turn those uh head terms or general keywords into long tail keywords and if you’re familiar with that if you’re not familiar a long tail keyword is about you know three to six words long um and it’s for the purpose of of the key word finding a specific niche or audience uh that would be more interested in in the in the piece of copy or the page that you’re that you’re about to write then you’ll take those long tail keywords and apply them to the the organized topics themes and clusters that you developed in your content matrix uh exercise um and then from there you have all that you need you could take those uh those keywords that are matched up with those those themes and topics and turn that into a content calendar so you can lay out for half a year to a year you’ll know uh the type of uh articles that you want to roll out and when and then from there you turn those articles into specific creative briefs so that shows how it goes from general just low pressure ideation all the way down to specific uh keywords and organized briefs so that you can have that idea of seo optimization before you even put the pen to paper that’s i think all that planning i’m sure saves a lot of time yes it’s a lot to think about it once but once you get used to doing it uh you see how much time it saves you and it’s just a whole lot better in the in the end so if you’re just joining us we are talking seo with chris kraft from neolux marketing and i love actually love the topic of or the title of your presentation your cmore presentation which is you know turning blog topics into juicy keywords so if you have a question for chris

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as we go here please feel free to drop it in the comments as well all right so chris i’ve created this great piece of content but i’m not sure if it will perform well on surgeon’s current form say i didn’t go through everything that you just said what can i do what can i do to optimize it without taking a ton of time just like recreating the whole piece sure so if you’re working with a tool like i mentioned simrush and and ahrefs a lot of them becoming really sophisticated where you can actually take uh your copy for your piece of content copy and paste it and it’ll grade it according to the uh focus keyword that you set to optimize your content for if you’re not quite there yet and i understand another way to go about using technology to grade uh your your content is by especially if you’re a wordpress user you could use uh the plugins like rank math or or yoast um they’ll uh search and uh and grade your content according to the the focus keyword or the keywords uh if you pay for a certain level of those tools they could uh grade it for for more than one keyword and it’ll tell you um your keyword density um in terms of like where the keyword should be placed and how many times if you’re doing uh too much optimization if you have your keyword mentioned way too too much and um seo is becoming way more um subjective right and and the search engines and the spiders are getting really savvy in knowing that even if you don’t have your keyword written verbatim within the piece of content it can realize the context of your of your content and and it will um it’ll optimize it for for in general the keyword that you want to optimize it for and then the last tip is just the the good old you know human approach if if you’re not quite sure uh call on the consultant like myself or maureen in our team and neil lux or or uh your your content marketing agents your choice and have them put their human eyes on it to see um if your content is optimized so that it can do the work that you wanted to do great uh jill has a question what are your um what do you recommend keyword recommendation engines again oh i see someone caro responded sm rush and what was the other one ahrefs ahrefs thank you girl yeah there’s some really there now those are just two there are some really good ones um out there um there’s another one called rank iq that’s really good uh but those are the two that that we use at our agency and and we love them all right chris um you can see chris at content marketing world and as he says he’s going to go more in depth with that matrix i would definitely tune in for that um on this awesome topic so you can head over to and learn more and if you decide to register we have a little code for you tw 100 saves you 100 uh for your registration chris in the meantime can you tell everybody where they can find you yes you can find us online at neolux um our very vite uh bright and vibrant website um you can find me on twitter at craftwrites all right perfect and hopefully you all join us chris and i at content marketing world coming up here so thank you we have online and in-person options so you can do both so thank you all for watching and thank you for your great um uh conversation here today chris um i’m amanda with the content marketing institute this is ask the cm world community we will see you back here next monday see you chris thank you so much thank you take care

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