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mobile is really the most recent thing

that’s made a big impact because Google

used to look first at our desktop

factors so what was going on on our

desktop in order to figure out what how

they were gonna rank us recently within

the last year they have slowly started

rolling out mobile first rankings and so

they’re basically saying okay we’re

going to look first at the ranking

factors from mobile so what are you

doing on mobile on your mobile site

whether that’s a responsive site or a

separate mobile experience or no mobile

experience at all and they’re going to

be ranking every search book desktop and

search based on those mobile experiences

voice the things that we can do for it

now they’re sort of limited because we

don’t have a lot of measurement for

voice it’s not separated out in our

Google Analytics we don’t have those

things so what we have to look at is

these proxy metrics which nobody really

likes but they’re there and it’s kind of

what we’re stuck with right now we have

spent a lot of time as an industry using

clicks and traffic as a metric for


and we’ve called other things vanity

metrics but I think clicks in traffic or

vanity metrics ultimately the only real

metric is ROI what money are you making

from this just because you don’t get a

click does it mean you’re not building

influence doesn’t mean that somebody

doesn’t see you as that source where

  The future of search engine with content marketing

that content came from so what if they

get their answer right there it’s really

hard to sort of track that success back

to that time that you showed up in the

answer box but ultimately it builds

influence that makes people more likely

to search you out as a brand in the

future I kind of think we’re gonna have

to shift majorly as a marketing industry

to say you know we’re gonna lose clicks

and that’s okay because we’re building

influence and that’s what’s most

important one of the things with SEO is

making sure that people stay and engage

with your content and don’t leave and go

back to the search engine results page

and click to somebody else

Google is tracking that type of behavior

they know when people aren’t satisfied

with the content that they get on your

page even though it’s not a direct


after it influences a ranking factor

that can really make a difference

becomes em in your rankings



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