Secrets of the Most Shareable Content

so shareable content it is your business

and this is my first tip to you memes

are a great way to get your content

shared so I think one of the most

important things that we forget when we

start this out is to make sure you’re

mentioning that you mix up your media so

a common mistake that I see is that a

brand goes out there and their social

media feed or their blog is all about

them it doesn’t talk about their

customers it doesn’t talk about all the

things that are existing out in the

world that are competing for people’s

time that is mistake that you would want

to avoid by creating a social media mix

that is a three-part mix of original

content shared content which can be

retweets modified tweets community news

and personality that really goes into

the behind the scenes or the BTS of your

brand so while this pie chart is showing

it as a three even parts you’ll see one

of my hat tip sheets that’s passed

around here says that generally speaking

at North Coast media we do a four to one

so four pieces of original content and

personality to one piece of shared

content just to again we want to keep

the branding on message and on point so

this is this is the Gulf Tim feed I was

telling you about Gulf time earlier Gulf

Tim has a lot of original content like

research on the grass

that’s our og original or occasional

gangster content we also have a really

great personality that we work with our

editor-in-chief and associate publisher

Seth Jones so Seth here just took this

picture that’s just about to come up

Seth yeah that’s his keg that’s his car

and he goes out and does contests with

our social media followers where he

brings the keg in his old-time car so

that works pretty well with our audience

especially our audience of men in their

40s we also do a lot of modified and

retweets and that could be stuff that’s

very serious issues like h-2b visas that

first one and the second one is just

about a prank that was pulled out on a

golf course right so we’re trying to get

some humor in there as well

to keep it light we know that while

we’re all wearing our professional hats

in the b2b world when we’re visiting

social media we’re also humans and we

like to be entertained

so who does your Kardashian let’s talk

Kardashians behind every brand you have

to have a celebrity and I’m talking

somebody that goes beyond your employee

influencers into really your industry

celebrities so yesterday’s influencer

Trac had some awesome sessions on on

finding those people who are in your

audience who

have these micro influencer and spheres

of influence but Cardassians are beyond

that so like I said we have Seth Jones

at golf the magazine and it takes

somebody who’s been in the business for

20 years to really build up and a

following like this so he goes out to

the PGA Championship at Belle Reve a few

weeks ago he interviews the top four

players including Dustin Johnson who’s

always a big draw for people

he’s his whole coverage is sponsored by

John Deere he does a contest for this

John Deere cooler

he gets three hundred three hundred

engagements with this contest people

guessing who would win the tournament

and finally it takes a true Kardashian

of your industry to be able to go out

there and pull everybody together and I

think this picture really epitomizes

that he actually got all of the

volunteers who came to Bellerive to

cover the PGA Championship to come

together and get their photos taken and

these are not just volunteers I don’t if

you ever watch major tournaments on TV

or if you’re a golf fan like I am but

what you’re seeing is these are all

professional superintendents people who

work on courses across the world who fly

themselves in to to help out on a major

tournament to be part of that course of


so it takes somebody really special to

be able to put that all together yeah go


yes yes so this our Kardashian does work

in our organization he’s a full-time

employee and editor-in-chief and

associate publisher that he’s had 20

years in the business so he started out

not in publishing he worked actually on

the golf side so that’s part of how he

made his name and as a newspaper

reporter as well so yes finding those

people often those will be people

internally that you have who maybe

you’ve brought in from outside or maybe

you have cultivated them and growing

them up to be those kind of industry

experts yeah one more question go ahead

yes so that’s a great question he does

use his own social media platforms as

well those are generally filled with

what I would describe as classic rock

references and comic book jokes that’s

awesome because he also fits it in and

it’s all part of the personality that

goes back to the things that are

interesting to the brand so no those

that’s something he chooses to do as

part of his own growing his own sphere

of influence yes right luckily we

haven’t really had that issue of man him

managing his own personal profiles

although we do have a corporate social

media policy that would apply to that

yes and that would apply to all of our

employees whether you’re you know a face

out in the industry or a web developer

or somebody made behind the scenes so

maybe you’re just getting started you

  Transforming Demand Generation

have some original content you want to

make sure it has legs these are two

great ways to make sure you have legs on

your content one is to repurpose your

content you can use in case you missed

it keep bringing things back around in

general posts that we’re putting out

there stories that we’re putting out

there we’re sharing at least three times

to make sure that people see them the

other is to repurpose content of your

own and others through quizzes that you

know you can use a variety of quiz

platforms as I’ve mentioned a few on the

tip sheets but those quizzes are great a

great way also to identify knowledge

gaps which will help you to come up with

new things that you can use a new

content then you can create to fill in

those gaps for your audience and

especially in the b2b market we find

that there is no lack of desire from

people to to learn more because

everybody wants to advance their career

make more money and you know be happier

so chunking content oh man last year

content marketing well everybody was

talking about chunking that so chunk

your blogs and it’s gonna make it a lot

everything a lot easier on you so this

is the way you can take a long

form article and make it snackable right

snackable I feel like is one of the keep

like hottest buzzwords here at content

marketing world this year but long-form

content still has a place in that so you

can take an article like this one that

appeared on landscape management’s

website and make sure that you highlight

keywords like you see here so great

keywords right up front like tech

startup and shake-up and then we’re

gonna have a couple of subheads we’re

gonna have a graphic and a sidebar and

all those allow your scanners and let’s

admit it we all have plenty of people

who visit our websites and who engage

with us who are really just scanners

they’re not really going deep into it to

get something out of it that they take

that if they get one thing that they

take out of it I think we’ve been very

successful that structuring that

keywords are gonna make for a lot easier

sharing as I said north coast we make it

a plan to share everything as often as

we can typically a three times on each

platform and that’s gonna be you know

your YouTube your Facebook your Twitter

you have a specie in-stream video feed

or whatever it might be but that’s gonna

make things a lot easier so right here

you’ll see we’ve highlighted a couple

keywords so there’s that tech startup

part of this coming back and now we’re

gonna have also the shake-up mention so

this makes it a lot easier to share that

making things a lot easier to share also

ends a lot of fighting in your office so

I don’t know if you guys have faced this

where the person who wrote the content

comes back and says those idiots on the

social media team shared this and what

they didn’t understand the content they

didn’t understand the contents or the

concept at all they got it all wrong or

on the other side the social media team

says oh my gosh they gave me a five

thousand word long-form piece on a topic

that’s highly technical I don’t know

anything about it it has nary a sub

header a keyword and now I’m trying to

understand it or trying to get in touch

with the writer in order to share it and

it’s impossible that happens all the

time I heard a friend the other day

telling me about his office and he had

an issue where he the article was so bad

that he was debating whether he could

try to get an admin to take it down off

the social media because the war


you don’t need to have that life now if

you work in a small organization where

you’re one person team and you are the

social media person and the writer I

cannot help you with that war that’s

that’s something that uh this morning’s

keynote maybe you could take out some

meditation or some of the things that

she talked about so following that

formula is really gonna I think help you

be successful in this in this business

so here’s the top articles that appeared


management professional website at all

time and this was as of end of last year

so you see a couple of them pretty

straightforward how-tos how to handle

cockroach infestations how to handle bed

bugs and luggage I think those are gonna

be you know your straightforward

formulas that always work really well

but then we see something that’s a

little unorthodox the whimsical if you

will and interview with a bald-faced

hornet now I’m gonna put this out I

assume that you know this we did not

actually interview a Hornet

but our editors from pest management

professional whiteouts heather and diane

and created a full series where they got

all of this very technical information

from the the bug docs out there and were

able to approximate what we believe a

bald-faced hornet and many other pests

might say when interviewed by their


so these are very entertaining there

were our highest shared posts and in the

end in the past year so like I said this

was an all-time list and and you know

it’s just something that’s totally


something you would not expect so those

same formulas will work for social media

that worked for your website or your

blog so how to’s tips and tricks fun

  Mastering Content Marketing- SEO

facts yes rats could produce nearly half

a billion descendants in three years if

left unchecked so this sleepless night

brought to you by pest management

professional but obviously that was

pretty well shared in the end again

we’ve shared several times since because

it’s evergreen peace and then people so

we get out to a lot of trade shows and

conferences we have the opportunity to

meet many of our readers out on the road

each year as our editors and publishers

are traveling we try to make sure we get

as many of those names out on social

media you don’t necessarily have to

write a story about everybody like Camp

Anderson here but it can’t hurt to post

it because we know that camps gonna

probably share it his his sphere of

influence or his micro influence

situation is going to make sure that

that gets around to other people and you

want to work in as much creativity as

you can like the interview with the bug

think outside the box I always say

there’s no harm in trying and in social

media that’s very true because you you

know it’s a low cost low barrier to

entry now these same formulas will work

for sponsored posts so if how many of

you in here work for an agency or an

internal marketing department at a

company alright quite a few of you so if

you’re in that situation maybe you’re

your version of editorial is your


calms things that you’re producing for

your own employees or prospective

employees and that kind of thing but

when you’re producing on behalf of

clients which is something that our

content marketing department at North

Coast media does you need to be looking

for the things that they want to meet

but also having the same formulas that

work for your editorial content so how

to works here as well and I want to

point out you don’t always have to say

the words how to you could use something

like a learn more it’s a more of an

implied strategy and as you can see here

our comments are mark on this post he

gets it right because this is how we do

it so it worked

fun facts and people can be combined

here so Steven here at Wingfoot they’re

hosting the twenty twenty US Open and he

mentioned the fact that he has

volunteered at two previous US Opens

which was a very little known fact about

him so on the behalf of this irrigation

company that he worked with made a great

quote card and that adds some level of

creativity as well to it and then this

one I wanted to show you so this one was

a really great post for us this was

during the US Open

Sam greens a pretty big name in our

business and this post got really well

shared I would say in general there

isn’t anything and particularly special

about this post right it’s it’s very

straightforward but if you’ve chosen the

right people to highlight that that post

will continue to be shared and sometimes

when you’re working on behalf of a

client or you’re working with your

internal stakeholders which can be even

worse like your executive sweeter or

others who you know maybe don’t have

that social media background it can be

hard to get that creativity in so keep

in mind take the win when you have it

you’ve got a great name you’ve got some

great content out of it maybe this isn’t

the the points about Sam I would have

pointed out on this tweet but it did

really well for our client and they were

happy so a quick pause here another

opportunity for candy bar does anybody

know the name of the building it is next

door to the convention center that has

the tribute to the ideals of Cleveland

itched on the top of it oh yeah there we

go public hall right up here with the

black sweater all right great

so this is a great time to talk about

the convergence of content marketing

editorial content Cleveland there’s a

b2b publishing epicenter jhope Litzy

came from the b2b background as than

many of the people that you’ve met here

involved with content marketing world

but content marketing was also born here

so they really worked together it’s it’s

not an antithesis like you might expect

so I wanted to point out that it is a

boring fight to talk about content


editorial and if your team especially

for those of you new to this business or

having that debate keep in mind that the

two it’s like the old print versus

digital debate which we no longer have

so this is an example from an article

that ran in pest man on pest management

professionals website it was about Bayer

doing good work and Africa to stop

malaria so pretty straightforward

article just a happy you know a goodwill

piece and the tweet was one of our top

tweets that drove a lot of traffic to

people looking up their program they

came back to us and said we want to buy

a paid print advertorial that goes in

deeper into the issue of sand fly larvae

or sort of known as jiggers and uganda

and how these these pests are brewing

into these kids arms and it’s actually

creating a whole social stigma in Africa

because of miss held beliefs about kids

who have this problem and of course then

you also have malaria and a variety of

other issues so that turned from an

editorial article maybe it’s just a

short blog post and into a paid program

  Creating Creative Content

that we did with Bayer which I

personally think was one of our most

rewarding projects to date because it

did allow us to have the opportunity to

talk to people who were doing this work

on the frontlines in Africa so knowing

your platforms is also critical there

and you also saw we talked about how

print and web can work hand in hand the

journey of a thousand posts begin with

one platform said no one ever because we

all want to do everything at all times

just not realistic we don’t have enough

hours in the day and I think several of

our keynotes here they have to have

really hit on that point so with what

with the short time you have and

especially if you are one person team do

we have any one or two person team

people in here Oh bless you you will

make it through this I promise the one

or two person teams gives you a lot of

opportunity and flexibility but start

with just a simple chart like this right

morning midday and evening each day I’m

going to try to do one thing so I’m

gonna point out LinkedIn so this is Pitt

and Korey Payton Corey’s LinkedIn does

really well and that’s because we have a

lot of owners of Mines and mine related

businesses we post on LinkedIn very

successfully it’s killing it Monday

mornings first thing and Friday evenings

first thing and I don’t know if you if

that applies to you but I’m one of those

people who is on my LinkedIn a couple

times a week checking at the beginning

of the weekend of the week so it kind of


we see blog posts tend to be a lunchtime

reading thing so our editor is posting

to his blog on lunchtime and we we also

get traffic on that on Saturdays now

there’s a tip sheet that’s around here

it tells you a little bit about at North

Coast media what our best times and days

are for posting on platforms again

remember we’re in the industrial and

services space so if you’re not maybe

this won’t apply to you but get to know

your own your own platforms selecting

your own platform is like choosing your

favorite bonds we could have a debate

about it all day I’m sure there’s a few

people in here who are like Pierce

Brosnan that wasn’t even a bond I don’t

know how your how you can put them up

there but regardless of your opinion you

have to work with your teams on that to

choose the one that works and keep in

mind sometimes there will be two best

bonds or two best platforms so again

looking back at pest management

professional you see here we ran a tweet

was a paid program with a bedbug

University that exists the Twitter

campaign did pretty well standard I

would say a little a little above

average but we were wondering how is

this video getting so much traffic

if the Twitter campaign is about average

and then we saw where that traffic was

coming from and it was coming from a

closed Facebook group exclusive to the

owners of large pest management

companies luckily our editorial director

was a member of that group and was able

to get in there and see what was going

on and this university was just blowing

it off the charts with Facebook and

since then we’ve seen that pest

management does really well if they use

Twitter to drive traffic to Facebook it

seems senseless in some cases right

because we’re all trying to drive

traffic to our own websites to our own

branding to things that we can control

but ultimately we have to do what is

best for our audiences we have to give

them what’s best for them so I mentioned

Instagram here because several of you

probably work in companies where you

work with large equipment we work in

pink quarry obviously this is crushers

and screeners and other giant pieces of

equipment and you can see the top nine

posts on pit Cory’s Instagram and 2017

were you guessed it all flashback

Fridays now if you go to any of the

trending tools out there they’re gonna

tell you flashback Friday oh that’s so

2012 you don’t need to do that anymore

well it does work for us in the

equipment space and here’s why we had a

post last year that had three hundred

and thirty five thousand impressions

that is way larger than the market of

people who own small minds and aggregate


this out there 200 some reactions 40

comments and 2,000 shares on Facebook

all of just a guy on a truck in

Pennsylvania in the year 1918 so again

we can also use social media to aid our

reporting our editor-in-chief if we

could just find this guy if we can find

this needle in the haystack at the

hundredth anniversary of this photo

being taken we’ll have a great

opportunity to share the behinds of the

story which I think will be really great

this year so last year Linda bought the

CMO of GE gave a keynote here and she

said we showed the nobility of big

machines we love our machines so we

bring them to our audiences we feel the

same way at Pitt and Cory and if you

have the machines available to you at

your job site or at the company or

agency or brand that you work with make

sure you get them out there


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