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so jumping right in you know this is all about how you really can create highly effective social content for any budget and by effective I really mean once you have your goals is it awareness engagement conversion having that at the beginning will allow us to see how it’s effective but in terms of a show and don’t tell quick video oh we’ve all been scrolling through social notice a great piece of content that had two songs the first is as a consumer which is I was really cool the second is as a marketer thinking I really wish I had the budget to create cool stuff like this we get it but listen you really can create great social on any budget in fact right now we’re recording on an iPhone how are we going to edit with a free app it really can be that simple or maybe you have a little more budget to put behind it this will give you crisp professional-looking content with a team behind you on set that could be an in-studio photo shoot with talent video with higher end graphics and the rights to music your audience has heard before top-of-the-line content and have the financial freedom to match your creative visions will cost that too okay wait this is not my creative vision that’s because it’s fine is that fun for you yeah what anyway we want you to leave here today feel uncomfortable knowing you can create highly effective social content [Music] so Adam and I are pretty vain so feel free to take pictures share all the slides you can see our handles on the bottom right the reason that we’re all here is we believe that to create really strong effective content you have to have the deepest of pockets and that just isn’t the case sometimes you can determine how to take your budget and use it between tools staff time or

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creative itself and how to really be resourceful today we’re going to talk about how to create that content in different buckets right so there’s the the no hardly any budget laugh when you you know tell someone how much you have there’s the middle and then there’s living your best life 30,000 plus content creation next we’re gonna give you some simple tools so when you leave here today not only do we hope that you’ll be inspired but you’ll have some marching orders and third we want to make sure that we leave enough time for Q&A so that way you guys can leave again with any questions that you have answered before we begin though I want to just give everybody a very simple rubric on sample content classification so the first content that we talk about a lot is hero content right these are the big ideas these are the ones where you go all-in on quality and you’re maybe doing something only two or three times a year this could even be something where you say this is gonna live entirely and social and I’m gonna put all my budget into it right this is definitely something that you’re gonna promote to entrace you know your audiences to be sexy and solicit that click to get the followers and the relevant audiences to give you the engagement next is content that we just call hub content right so these are things that you’re going to publish on a regular cadence maybe not daily more likely if you have the time weekly if not monthly this is your episodic content right when we talk about hub content it’s a series that can live either through you know Instagram or it could be on YouTube but this is something that once you get that audience and you’ve paid all that money and the attention to get them you need to keep them coming back for more and that third it’s just the general hygiene right this is the day-to-day this sometimes is the hardest for people to produce because they think everything has to be perfect and it has to go through 27 rounds of revision and it really doesn’t it’s those short things and it doesn’t have to be these long beautiful 30 second lovely streaming videos it literally could be something short and sweet a little gift or something like that along the way so when you hear us referring to the big hero pieces are the hub episodic content this is what we mean and when we say achievable on any budget we really mean it so when we look at the three different clusters one is absolutely no money joking matter up to about $5,000 to spend however you’d like the middle range is between five and thirty and then the last is thirty thousand plus and so when we break those down we’ll explain different tools when you have more money how you would kind of plus up right with maybe talent or going from my office to a studio and for an example we’ll use one of our partner clients which is Wells Fargo we helped them create content for their student audience

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and so here you can see we kind of take the leftovers and make it work right so this isn’t the no budget if you have you already know that there’s all this raw data what you need is someone to do post-production and to pull those little notes out right it could be there it could be you know graphics scroll over again these are all things to think about when we move up using the same example when we were kind of looking through our folders here’s where you have something else you have all the different pieces that are moving short little shorts but also if you look at the top right for the hub kind of episodic content what you can see is that it’s really simple but it’s effective so this was kind of that middle range right we collected a whole bunch of very capable students put them in one room one day talking heads as you can see it’s just the background wall at our office and ask them questions back and forth but it was engaging because the quality was crisp with the video we use in eyes met eyes and it was very relatable also did not pay for the talent asked the talent to come because they are active customers so if you have active customers or members think about that and then the last one is if you can go big find a story and tell it well my brothers and I went to a private school and we had uniforms same pants same shirts with the shoes the shoes that’s how used to know it’s how you could express yourself and you know since we couldn’t really have the shoes we wanted all the time I would draw them I realized that the shoes didn’t really have to be confined to the page so I started thinking about how I could actually make them come to life and that’s how 7:23 was born [Music] again that was a little bit longer but it lived on what’s important is that you don’t see the brand until the end right it’s all about this story and kind of relating and you’ll also notice that it’s all about proper planning in the strategy right so we helped with you know the script and everything like that that was done as a voiceover and we did that so we wouldn’t have to go back and fix things later but we can do whatever we wanted so you can see this is just an example one of dozens and dozens of little short snippets this is the hygiene stuff you know where you can kind of go back in so you can use all that and repurpose and rejigger and do all the different things that you need to do to get it going but to do that successfully and you have to really act like a social predator okay and so what that means is to wear two hats you know that’s the producer role which is thinking about going into this what am I gonna do what are my goals what are my objectives how many different shots do I need what’s the story I’m gonna tell what are all the other little things and then also acting like a managing editor of that same time so it’s really having that journalistic point of view to go in and say okay how can I get everything I possibly can at one time so that could just be going through and we’ll explain to you how to expand your shot list or so many of us are using influencers right well if we only cherry-pick three or four posts from that influencer what about all the other raw footage why can’t we at the beginning ask for that and get as much as we can to utilize later all right so let’s talk about each one of these things in depth in a section I call lights hashtag action yeah okay y’all y’all get it y’all get it okay the first one let’s talk about that no too low section all right a lot of us are probably in this now or have worked in this before and you’re like look I want to create content we just don’t have that budget let’s talk through that first to talk about the benefit why would you even want to try and do this well the first is the cost usually with this type of content it has quick turnaround the smaller the budget means the smaller the moving pieces means the quicker that it can move forward and at the very least you’re joining the conversation sometimes it’s just best to get out there and do pick something and run with it it’s kind of like a lot of times we’ll have what’s called Netflix Netflix paralysis where you open up Netflix there’s so many choices and you’re like aah and then you just watch the office for the seventh straight time Michael and Holly are definitely the best couple there’s no question about that so at least get out there and do now there are challenges that content quality is going to be lower and that has potential to add to the noise and sometimes a lower financial investment leads to a lower time investment which can mean inconsistent Cadence’s when you’re posting for those are things to keep in mind however let’s again tactically build this out

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what do you need in order to create this type of content well all of this stuff in this node alow can be shot on a cell phone if we need then after that you need a tripod a ring light and a microphone if you do not know what a ring light is if you have a teenage daughter or a friend has a teenage daughter asked them what their ring light is not only will they tell you which one to buy they will give you several makeup tips to go along with that as well okay the microphone is something that you can easily hook up to your cell phone as well as far as Palin goes use your employees use your friends that can opt-in now a note on this that is very important if you are making video content write the scripts without their non-speaking roles if your friends are going to be in this odds are they are not very good actors so you want to keep that to make sure that it stays authentic and then imagery all of us want beautiful high quality images and there are ways to get that for free unsplash is a site that you can go and get very very high quality content that people take submit and allow companies and businesses to use or just sort our source UGC there are probably people that have been where you have been or work what you want to showcase ask them if you can use their content now diving further into tactical here are some boots boot strap applications that you can use as a one-man band in order to create this content canva in shot adobe spark and adobe premiere rush Adobe rush sorry so canva and in shot those are like look I need something where I can spend zero money and still claim content out there canva is your graphic design app in shot is your video app they are after you play around with them in a little bit you can literally create videos in under 10 minutes and that’s not an exaggeration I am not paid by in shot so I do not have anything to gain by lying to you about that adobe spark and Adobe rush are a little bit higher quality they are connected to the Adobe Creative Suite which is like your premieres your After Effects

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it’s still some that you can use on the go and they have free light versions so using all of that you have those tactical pieces in order to go out and create that’s photo that’s video copy and caption whatever that is you have these tools to at least go out and say I can start creating for a social presence it also doesn’t have to look like homemade content this was something that we created from one of our clients that literally had started with a glove a cookie and a vision so this is obviously a very nice piece we did not actually go to space to do this what we did though is we ordered this glove off Amazon fun fact I was supposed to wear it until it came in as a kid size and these do not fit anything then we drove over we got one of the cookies I was tasked to get to I got six just in case we needed some for extra and we took literally 30 minutes of the studio time shot leave and we slapped out we slap the picture behind it obviously my photo retoucher would not be happy with me saying it like that but we were able to create really high quality content that had real results I mean it this was a paid campaign that we ran but one of the numbers are super important is this 1500 percent was an increase in organic engagement based on our bench engagement rates and also

you’ll see a lot of these results on some of these slides I’m not gonna dive we’re not gonna dive too deep into those but we want you all to know that we’re not just showing you creative like oh this is the cool thing these are creative campaigns that have been run tested and proven to be effective based on the metrics that they’re being measured by and the next thing is these are also things that were created in that bucket stop-motion video is a great way to almost keep that video system we have several content examples that we have here obviously this one on the back bottom left is super original there is no BuzzFeed account – that runs content like that no it obviously looks like a tasty video right that was something that we did very simple but it’s clean its crisp and it uh it helped our clients achieve their goals another piece in here this took several hours in the studio we were able to stitch those photos together and came up with another clean crisp video so this high-end really effective social content is possible in this vein this next piece here again simple concept very professional-looking looks well the only thing that bothers me a little bit is this person howls all the seeds in the watermelon you know okay let me not get caught up on that but UGC is another great social hygiene content and sometimes taking your money is spending it on a tool that can help you source UGC so Ola pick is something else for you to look at so if you’re like yes I don’t know where to start as far as looking at UGC check Ola pay they’re a great resource as well you

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