Telling no brand story


as it relates to telling no brand story

when we’re looking at you know fairly

complex topics one of the learnings that

I have had is pretty personal I feel as

though I’ve stepped into the role of a

translator over the last few years my

daughter’s been speaking you know a

native language Greek and for me it’s

forcing me to relearn that language and

essentially become a little bit more

simple and in how I’m relaying

information and I see the same thing

when we’re starting to look at brand

stories especially in industries that

are very complex when we’re talking to

subject matter experts that you are

incredibly smart but you know their

expertise might be rather technical in

nature how do we reach if that

conversation how do we start using

different words that are more broadly

applicable so from my standpoint a lot

of how I’ve looked at storytelling has

has come from children’s books well how

do we take you know very interesting

concepts but you know really you know

simplify them as much as possible so

that as many people can understand them

and I think we if we start looking at

you know children’s stories there’s

beauty in them there’s a variety of you

know characters that you end up falling

in love with and those are the things

that you remember you know more so than

you know advertising or brand materials

and I think as much as you know

marketers and content marketers we can

start looking at you know different

  Creating Creative Content

types of stories not necessarily what

other organizations are doing but you

know what

you know the entertainment industry is

doing what children’s books are doing I

think we could learn a lot from it



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