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I think when we look at demand generation as I mentioned there’s so many different definitions out there I think people I worked with one client who I still keep in touch with and she started to say well my groups only responsible for the middle of the funnel there was no vision above there was no vision below so she was creating all this content and literally was getting very frustrated because she had no idea what was working and she said but we’re focused on nurtured demand generation and so even those terms like nurturing and lead gen and and what does all that means so I think it’s really important that we define demand generation which is going to serve as the baseline in the context for this discussion today first and foremost demand generation is a perpetual process so when you think about the way buyers by think about what we do in our consumer lives the example

i like to use and i wrote a blog about it last week is when i went searching for a car so i’ll give you the punchline when you’re in colorado you have to at least on one Subaru that’s kind of a rule so I did end up with a Subaru but even though my neighbor is the fleet manager for the largest subaru dealer in the united states i first want to wear to research a car where do we all go to research something the internet google so i went to google and all i did was type in top all wheel drive vehicles I’ve got four kids I want our family to be safe when we drive in the snow and in the ice and some of the weather we get in Colorado so that’s what I did I didn’t just go there and then download a brochure and then say okay

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I’m going to buy I was in this perpetual buying process so if we do that in our consumer lives why would we think for a minute when we all the sudden get into our work lives that it’s any different so we as marketers have to think about buyers when they’re in a buying pattern are perpetually seeking information and consuming content and if we can’t perpetually design something that gives that to them we are failing our buyers we also want to make sure that we optimize it to engage nurture and convert and we’ll dive deeper into that here in a little bit those are more macro stages of a buying process engagement nurture and convert then what we also want to do is educate and qualify I think one of the mistakes marketers make is when we do our programs when we launched our demand generation initiatives we think about all about qualified leads but if I can educate you as a buyer on how to think about your problems on solutions to your problems not necessarily Mike products or services but a different way to think and give you some education there’s a very good chance that as I weed as I go through and start to weed out other vendors you’re going to be on that short list because you’re the one as a vendor who helped me think differently about our problem we just closed a deal with a pretty large managed services organization and we actually just closed it yesterday and in talking to them about the sales process she said you know it’s really interesting that we came in with this really defined view of what we needed she said but you helped expand our horizons and now we’ve kind of shifted our priorities and we want to build perpetual demand in our organization so that’s what we need to do we need to educate and qualify and then lastly it’s about driving revenue and maximizing customer lifetime value so if you think about this driving revenue these are not words that you would have ever seen at a marketing conference 15 years ago driving pipeline

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I had one CMO say to me recently I don’t want to sign up for a number it scares the crap out of me but that’s where we are as marketers our CEOs are pushing us to say what do you I given you four million dollars what have you returned back to the organization so this is how we define demand generation so within that there’s a lot of challenges and I could probably have put today’s marketing and sales challenges so we do a study at annuities I know Joe and his team with marketingprofs do a study as well and I think hopefully you’ll be able to relate to some of these challenges and I’d be curious as well if you have other challenges that I wasn’t able to define up here I’d love to hear what those are as well first and foremost most companies unfortunately are not successful with demand generation so this comes from our 2014 study that we did at annuities we’re actually in the process of releasing our 2015 study which will come out either the end of this month or early october but we asked the question how successful are you with your demand generation initiatives and only two point eight percent said we’re highly effective that’s an anemic number and so part there’s there’s a lot of different reasons for this there’s skill set issue there’s a measurement issue when you look at some of the studies right now that fifty two percent of CMOS still can’t even quantify short-term ROI on any of their demand generation initiatives so I’m not saying that only three percent of organizations are really stellar I think there’s the struggle of what does success look like does anybody struggle with that in the room on ROI and what does success look like the other interesting thing and we don’t get into it here is when we started to look at and in this study ask what your most what your goals are for demand gen the measurements didn’t measure their goals so a lot of companies have these goals about driving higher quality leads but when we started to say what are your top measurements it was web site visits clicks opens that doesn’t tell me anything other than top-line engagement so we have to do a better job at aligning our measurement with our goals

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