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[Music] [Music] welcome to trying to hit the bullseye one of the most important and also impossible things that we want to achieve as marketers is to deliver the perfect message to the exact right person at the exact right time bullseye and we try just about everything to get there but one of the keys to delivering the perfect message to the right person at the exact right time is for them to recognize the message as one that’s just for them in a word personal we want that person to feel like we’re an old friend telling them about something that they should know about because well we know each other so well you know it’s like the restaurant owner you know at that little italian place down the road that you’ve been going to for years you walk in and if you’re with your kids he knows to give you a huge greeting and seats you at the perfect table with coloring books on the mats for the kids if you’re just with your spouse he knows to seat you at the far back table in the dark in the corner for two and open a bottle of your favorite chianti before you even look at the menus that’s personal and it’s the best kind of marketing because it delivers you the optimal experience one that keeps you coming back for more now digital technology has been trying for the last 50 years to give us the ability of that neighborhood restaurant owner but interestingly like so many other technologies digital marketers have yet to make use of the new tools that can help them realize the vision of becoming the product’s version of the favorite italian eatery down the road why well it’s mostly because we’ve confused personalized for personal you see what we have to remember as marketers in the digital age is what the italian restaurant owner knows from experience the regular customer he greets with the coloring books for the kids and tucked away tables for the romantic getaways are the standard for everyone he recognized he has a set number of plays he can choose from for different kinds of customers to us what makes it personal is not that he greets us by name or that he knows our personal preferences no what makes it personal is that the overall experience means meaningful to us it’s now our unique experience that has been made better because he cared to make us feel that way in the end that’s what makes an experience more memorable all other things being equal will always place way more value in an experience that feels uniquely meaningful to us than whether or not it was customized with our preferences and creating memorable experiences well that’s the bullseye of marketing [Music] [Music] [Applause] welcome to episode 8 of marketing makers the series for those that make marketing work i’m robert rose and i’m your host and whether you’re an independent consultant a director at a fortune 100 a newly appointed cmo well we’re all marketing makers and this month we’re talking about the personal the persona and the personalization of content whether it’s targeting individual people or accounts personalization is how we make sure we’re targeting and hitting the right content to the right person at the right time welcome to marketing makers

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[Music] oh hi hey everybody welcome to marketing makers it’s here we explore in depth the background behind some of marketing’s most historical concepts and how they’ve evolved into some of today’s most modern of marketing approaches and today well today you can see i was throwing darts i’m trying to get better and honestly trying to sort out how complicated this game really is so in one of the simplest games of dart so here’s the thing everybody starts with a score of 501 and then you take turns and each other scores turns are deducted by the total bullseye scores 50 outer ring 25 and so on and so forth and they’re double scores for different things but you’re trying to reduce your score down to the lowest sounds easy right well not so fast because see here if a player has 32 to go out and the first dart scores a 16 well then the second is a 15 well that means you bust and the score stays on 32 for some unknown reason but if they throw something else it might go lower so ideally here you want to score a lot of points but the right kind of points ideally bisectable by numbers like 24 and 32 it’s complicated and it’s math and nobody told me there was going to be math when we started playing this and drinking beer so personalization in marketing is a lot like darts it’s basically a simple concept made way more complicated than we think it is simply being able to deliver a message to someone that is unique to them the goal in marketing is that because that message is special for you the customer well you’re much more likely to have an affinity toward it and take the action that we marketers want you to take now personalization depends on one very critical and key foundation you must know something about the message recipient in order to deliver a message that’s unique to them you gotta know them and that’s a concept that’s as age old as the concept of marketing itself because if you think about it anyone selling anything tries to know who the customer is and make the proposition special for them so everyone from the farmer’s market vendor that knows your name to the hotel that understands what kind of deals you like to receive or to even the things how you explain the details of your first date you remember that explaining your first date to your mom in a very specific and very particular way we’ve all delivered a highly personalized message to audiences in order to gain the outcome that we desire and so even going back to the bronze age traders along the more popular routes would offer different products based on the people that took the different routes in the 16th century in some of the larger cities it was necessary to make sure that only customers of a certain well let’s just call them economic level would come into your store and so some retailers would have windows that separated you know the riffraff from the richer clientele that would be invited to actually come into the store then in the 18th century stores would often put very particular products in their windows for the window shopper basically stating that their store was only for a very particular kind of customer looking for a very particular kind of product this was all early content targeting in personalized marketing generally speaking you can look at the trends in this kind of marketing through four historical lenses there was fragmentation there were small suppliers that sold goods on local or regional filters much like what we just talked about with the trade routes this then led to what we would call mass marketing led by the industrial revolution of course and the ability to manufacture products at scale well standardized products were made for mass markets this was famously the whole idea of the model t ford you know as it’s famously known it came in every single color that you would ever want as long as that color was black and then we got to the era of segmentation

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and that was really from the 1920s through the 1980s and that’s when marketing really began to become more sophisticated businesses began to look at different models to pitch their wares in different ways to different audiences products were targeted along content with demographics socioeconomic other lifestyle attributes then in the 1980s we got hyper segmentation now that was fueled by the technology of what that you guessed it right computers and databases this enabled marketers to start to communicate with customers that might really be the first truly personalized way database marketing could be utilized as mail merges maybe some of you will remember mail merges from the day and we could personalize the letters that we sent out to prospects and the sales brochures and everything with their personal information in there there were database programs that were introduced that could work with your content creation programs like microsoft word processors where you could merge in name address specific offers to specific people and do it quickly and easily at least relatively so and interestingly this mail merge approach is what many markers are still left with in 2020 and 2021 for every email that you get addressed to dear first name and then is completely irrelevant to you after that that’s a classic and simple mail merge technique but today well today the abilities are far far more sophisticated technology today has the ability to not only address by name or by other data attributes but it can start to learn and it learns based on your behavior your content consumption your context your likes and dislikes and even other things like geographic location whether the weather is nice or very nasty or whether you’re going to assemble something and do something and create content that is only unique to you but unique to you in a context that you find yourself in now that’s personalization really looking at that artificial intelligence and the technology that is bringing on can evolve this technology very very quickly and evolve the content for the consumer to the consumer for example there are technologies now that enable marketers to send a curated newsletter of stories that you might be interested in but based on which news stories you click on and consumption of content you click on well it may slowly change that newsletter each week until it’s actually predicting which stories you’re going to find the most interesting on a week by week basis so how should marketers really even start to think about all of this i mean increasingly marketers are not only trying to create compelling and personalized experiences for their consumers but in the approach of account based marketing we’re trying to get more and more targeted accounts based up rolled up into all one which might be multiple people that we’re trying to really personalize content for and at the core of this of course as we talked about at the beginning this is the art and the science of knowing your audience it’s about knowing your customers so that you can be that personalized source that friend that knowing entity and today that knowing well it’s all based on data and as we’ve also come to realize the quality of that data just because i know your name doesn’t mean that i know you and just because i scraped your content and consumption data off some shopping site well that doesn’t mean

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i know what you’re currently thinking about buying just think about the weeks after christmas shopping for a moment even amazon and some other sophisticated retailers they’re still personalizing the site to you offering up advertising and content that thinks you’re still shopping for a barbie doll and that’s something you bought for your niece well almost six months ago the critical factor is that data is assembled carefully thoughtfully that’s when it can be used for personalization when it can be thought of and carefully and judiciously managed that’s the heart of a great personalization strategy and honestly it’s what separates a personalization and personal content strategy with a simple mail merge and that is truly personal to me [Music] understanding your marketing videos performance can be like looking for a needle in a haystack vidyard’s online video marketing platform is a magnet for your needle host all of your videos in vidyard measure their impact through video analytics and lead scoring and integrate them into your email content and digital marketing strategies to help boost your brand awareness and lead generation efforts get ahead of your competition by integrating video throughout your entire funnel not only can video help drive pipeline it can help build stronger relationships with your customers get started for free at marketing [Music] you

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