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[Music] so we’re back personalization well whether it’s for a person or a group of people that we call an account it’s about knowing it’s about understanding who these people are and being able to deliver the personal not just personalized content here’s what i mean by that ask yourself what is the most interesting piece of personalized content i got in the mail last week either digital or offline interestingly in almost every case the content itself wasn’t personalized at all i’ll bet it was relevant it was exceptional content if you remember it it was immediately shared with your colleagues your family your loved ones your friends etc but it was probably not personalized in the way that we think of hey first name we know you live here and you live there it was not personalized

but it was personal but here we are in 2021 and personalization of content is now frequently mentioned as one of the biggest drivers of marketing and content priorities and what’s powering the ability to meet this demand well it is data and specifically the unification of data the ability to know who our audience is and where they are so that we might actually deliver relevant and personal content but this is the part where it can get really overwhelming and scary because we just need to acquire this knowledge this data in the right way in other words just scraping the data or just stealing it or just making sure that we get it in the transaction for something is not going to give us the quality to make things personal it may give us the ability to make things personalized but really to understand if it’s personal we have to know the context and the emotion in which it was given that’s the way that we know the person we know the audience so of course this is first party data and this is the real prize for personal content as well as personalization and account based marketing that targets contents to accounts you need to build an ever more robust first party data repository and you have to and you need to imbue them with three distinct categories so what are those categories and how can we start to think about this in a little bit of a better way the first is of course explicit data data you ask for directly explicit data helps you develop deeper more trusting relationships with customers where you can turn into more valuable conversations with them based on their preference explicit data might be my name that i give you my address that i give you my preferences that i give you my specific idea about what i want those are things that are explicitly given to us by an audience to help us know them better but then there’s a second category and that second category is implicit data now the implicit data is the behavioral insight it’s not what i say it’s what i do and what we can observe indirectly of our audiences now this is watching their behavior on our site or adding it to their profile as they start to consume content that they like or want to share implicit data it helps us develop empathy empathy for the customers and determining what it is they really are looking for versus what it is they’re telling us that they’re looking for so that we can start to compare those things and make better decisions about how what how we know them and then lastly is what we might call ambient data and data that is coming from us from an ambient perspective gives us the ability to provide context context and situational awareness of the customer’s needs this is the classic scene in the italian restaurant when you walk in with your spouse versus when you walk in with your kids that observation is ambient data i know how to make a change and react differently based on that context this data can inform how do we and when do we personalize and distinguish our brand’s content offering based on making a decision about what the particular context is in any given moment this is the perfect example of where we might offer raincoats instead of sun hats because guess what when the shopper is coming to our website it’s raining where they are versus being bright and sunny or if they’re coming to us from the south where it’s hot in the winter time we can offer them a specific product versus if they’re coming from the north that’s coming in and offering them a different product because we know it’s snowing there finding the right combination of explicit implicit and ambient data is the critical piece for content marketers and marketing people more generally to make personal content

  Personalized vs. Personal in Marketing

and personalization or account based marketing really work for example i explicitly shared with a publisher that i’m interested in content topics you know that are relevant to business and marketing this provider dutifully emails me articles related to those topics however i rarely click through the links on those emails and so i also read the publisher’s finance articles that i sometimes see through social media or see on their website and i find them interesting because you know whether i search for them or whether i stumble upon them i find those more interesting well if my behavioral data were to be included in that email newsletter they might start to recognize that what i ask for isn’t actually what i like and what i do therefore they might start sprinkling in some more finance articles because that’s my behavior versus what i explicitly told them and start to update that newsletter just for me see it’s the combination of these three data types that enables me to become the restaurant owner to know my customers to know them so well that i can deliver pre-prepared content the coloring books or the dark table in the back i don’t have to have millions of iterations i’ve got specific plays that i can make based on the combination of all of that data together to give me a situational awareness i can deliver a personal experience so that they feel like that their experience is one made specifically for them and well well that’s what we’re after isn’t it personal more than personalized you see ironically the more personalized a piece of content is the less likely

  SEO Strategy for Marketing

it is to be shared with friends family and colleagues think about it for a second when was the last time you shared a piece of content that was truly personalized for you what we want to share and what we truly find joy in and thus remember as an experience is seeing ourselves in the relevant and extraordinary content that’s meant for a wider group when our audience asks how did they know i needed this right now that’s when we win so especially for content strategies focused on marketing purposes i’d like us to think about audience focused or personalized content instead that’s where i’d like to see our greater priority this is content that is meant for a wider group not just one person but is delivered in a contextual and personal way in a way that creates value specifically for a higher percentage of people in that wider group driven by explicit implicit and ambient data given freely given willingly given trustingly given with emotion it’s delivered so that we can know the audience better is delivering the personal rather than the personalized personal content is what enables a company to rise above the noise while also avoiding the need to scale to every single platform that emerges in short instead of focusing on delivering the right message to the right person at the right time successful personal content strategies are creating the right value to the right audience in their time until i see you next month it’s your story to tell tell it well [Music] you

  Personalized vs. Personal in Marketing

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